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For me, I didn’t know what really went in what I ate, drank, or idled in my environment. I wasn’t properly educated with the knowledge of plastic & waste. I knew some things, but not in depth, to where I realized I even used some of these things everyday. I was chosen to be an ambassador for Tetra Pak (and I still am because I love them :D) to learn, explore, and create for them. They had invited me to their wonderful facility in Denton, TX where I was gratefully educated on recycling, sustainability, and their overall mission. I really admire companies that care about the world, about people, about me. I saw their vision and it is life changing, not to mention will change the world in the coming years. Tetra Pak will soon be a community the world will look up to and rely on. Thats why I decided to work with them, and be one of the first in their fantastic community as an influencer.


Before I was flown to Denton, I was sent some items and brands that use Tetra Pak packaging, to get to know them a bit better. From this, I found I already used some of these brands! A great start! I shop at Whole Foods every Monday and find a lot of their packaged brands there such as Flow, Pacific Foods, Bulletproof & Orgain. Their packaging is everywhere! They sent me items that match my lifestyle. I am a workaholic so as you can see one of my favorite things is coffee! I make Bulletproof ground coffee with a french press, but never tried their packaged brews! From the picture above, I was given lots of energy haha, but the best part was I was drinking it from a sustainably source, thats good for me and the environment.


Before I knew it, I was in Denton, TX at their facility. It was a short trip, only a day practically but every minute I loved. This picture above, you can probably recognize some products, or even tried some of them. This is all Tetra Pak! From coffee, to milks, soups, they package it. Good for you and the environment! That’s how the world should live.


During my trip we did many activities such as presentations, factory tours, carton creations, and a painting class! Clearly you can see I loved the painting class haha! I hadn’t painted anything in such a long time and was great to take a jump back in basic creativity. Everything was so well put together. I was also super interested in the factory tour. My group and I saw how the cartons are made and put together to produce the final product. These people really are geniuses! Pretty cool to see what mankind has done.


These wonderful ladies here were the other fabulous influencers I had the privilege to meet. Like me, they aim for a healthier & convenient lifestyle, in which Tetra Pak strives for. We are toasting with a rare sighting of Oatly Chocolate Oat Milk (it has been very hard to get). It was amazing haha. So glad I am part of the Tetra Pak family, and looking forward to the new and improved aspects to come!

*This blog is sponsored by Tetra Pak. All opinions are my own*