Komaneka Keramas Beach Bali

As you can clearly see, I am sitting on a hammock, sweltering in the Bali heat. Haha! This was my first full day here and it was when I fell in love with Komaneka at Keramas Beach. From all the accommodations that I visited, this place had no words! Unbelievable food, tea time sessions, and the privacy was unreal. Also, its the newest hotel of their 5-star rated collection of boutique resorts. The pool area was super spacious, decorated with hammocks and little tropical huts for relaxation and sunbathing. 


GUYS...when I say a floating breakfast is the best, I TRULY mean it. Probably the best french toast I haver had. Hot, cinnamon crusted, and the bread was so fluffy, and I LOVE bread haha! who doesn't though? Here, I am having the breakfast of my dreams in my own villa! Each villa here at Komaneka has its very own private infinity pool. Basically you never have to leave; I know I barely did! I enjoyed the comfort and privacy within the walls of this gorgeous waterfront villa. Side Note: Bali juices and coffees are no joke! YUM. Swim: L* Space


Something that I thought was beautiful architecturally about the hotel: everything was connected by bridges, and underneath were rice fields! In this image, I am on the way to another scrumptious breakfast :) 

Rice Fields!

Rice Fields!


Here is a better picture of what I was explaining above! See all the rice fields?! So cool right? I thought it was really special having this inside a hotel. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to getaway from it all. I was very impressed with how quiet and peaceful it was here. Arriving here first in Bali made a great first impression. Already planning my next visit! For more information about Komaneka Keramas Beach and their other locations, click here .