TruSelf Organics

Over the course of two months I have been trying new skin products for my face. From cleanser to moisturizer, I haven't had an "ah-ha!" moment. I have dry and sensitive skin. No idea why so dry because I live in a VERY humid place, but it still affects me. I naturally have a little redness around the cheek area since my skin is so sensitive and have been trying new oils to help calm the redness to get and overall even tone. I was sent a beautiful package one day from TruSelf Organics, an all natural collection of wholesome ingredients. Everything was beautifully branded and wrapped! I was sent the "Detox Collection", a variety of essentials to detox the skin from toxins and other harmful subsidiaries. I loved how they put care into their packages and gave me a little wooden spoon and bowl for the Detoxifying Mask. It was very convenient :) 


I live a non-toxic way of life too! I love how they incorporate a healthy lifestyle with their skin care products. First I cleaned my skin in preparation for the mask. I mixed with water in the bowl and applied it with the brush given. I love using masks with brushes! It feels so good on the skin. I let it dry and sit for 10 mins then washed my face with the TruSelf towel. I felt like this was something my skin really needed. Out of all the products I really enjoyed the moisturizers: Herbal Infused & Ocean Mineral. For starters, the Herbal Infused Moisturizer smelled amazing. I applied to my face and felt so refreshed. After 5 mins it made my skin super soft! I would have to say out of all these products, the moisturizers were my favorite. Since I have dry skin, these really do come in handy to revitalize my skin. The detox collection comes with one moisturizer, however you can choose between the two based on your skin type. Whats amazing about this whole set is the detox collection has the value of $99 but sold for $85, but even less with my code. Its definitely a good amount for over a month's worth of organic skincare. Use my code "WANDER25" for 25% off this set OR anything else on their website! Check it out here.